A woman hands her Freedom Bank VISA Check Card to a cashier.

Mobile Wallet

Join the movement to make checkout lines faster with your mobile wallet.

Your Freedom Bank checking account is compatible with most applications that allow you to pay at checkout with your mobile device. Save time online or at the checkout counter and keep your account information in one secure place.

Mobile Wallet users are protected by a process called “tokenization,” where your sensitive data is replaced by a randomly generated token or unique symbol. This ensures that your card or bank account data cannot be stored by retailers.

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Apple Pay Logo

Apple Pay® works with your Apple devices to allow you to make secure payments in stores and online, as well as send and receive money right from your mobile device. You only have to enter your card information once on your device.

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Samsung Pay Logo

With Samsung Pay®, you can carry all of your debit and credit cards on your mobile device instead of in your wallet. Check out at stores with a simple tap and make purchases online without having to enter your credit card number.

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With Google Pay®, you can load your Android phone with all of your credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and even loyalty cards for a seamless checkout experience in stores, in apps, and online.

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Always on the move? You can use Garmin Pay™ almost anywhere you can make contactless payments with nothing but your compatible Garmin watch. All you have to do is enter your passcode, select your card, and hold up your wrist.

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Travel lighter and move faster using Fitbit Pay™. With your Fitbit Ionic or Versa device, you can use any credit or debit card without having to carry your wallet and buy what you need without interrupting your workout.

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