A woman hands her Freedom Bank VISA Check Card to a cashier.

Gift Cards and Travel Cards

Make the Holidays Happy with Gift Cards this Season.

Freedom Bank offers a variety of prepaid cards that can be purchased for someone else as a gift or to assist with their travel or daily expenses. Prepaid cards can be used everywhere that debit cards are accepted.

Holiday Gift Cards Make the Perfect Gift!

These prepaid Visa® cards can be purchased for a $0 fee now until December 31st, at any branch. Prepaid Visa® gift cards can only be loaded one time and can only be used in the United States. Pick from various designs to suit any gifting occasion.

Travel Cards

Unlike gift cards, prepaid travel cards can be used outside the United States. These cards can only be purchased by Freedom Bank customers for a $5 fee year-round at any branch. A prepaid travel card can be reloaded online or for a $3 fee in person at a branch. For a fee of $2, a Travel Companion card can be purchased, giving another person access to the funds on the original card.

Visit gocardservices.com to learn more and manage your travel cards, or download the MetaWallet mobile app for iOS or Android.