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Go Paperless

Experience the Freedom of going paperless with electronic statements.

Choosing electronic statements over paper statements won’t only protect the environment – it can also protect your account information. Paper statements are common targets for identity thieves. Other benefits of going paperless include:

  • No more paper clutter.
  • Get your online statements earlier than statements in the mail.
  • Keep track of and easily view all your recent statements in one place.

Here’s how to go from paper statements to electronic statements:

1) Log in to your online banking account.

2) Click on the account you want to make paperless.

circle around checking account links in online banking portal


3) Navigate to “Account Services” and click “Statements.”

circle around Statements link in online banking


4) Read the terms and conditions and scroll to the bottom of the page.

5) Click “View Test Document” to confirm that you can view PDF documents on your device.

6) Select the account(s) you would like to accept the terms for and make paperless. You can choose to make only some of your accounts paperless, or click “select all” to make all accounts paperless.

click "View Test Document"


7) Click “Accept Terms.”

Need assistance going paperless? Send us a message or give us a call at 812-683-8998.